Will YOUR next BIKE PURCHASE OF $1,500–$6,000+ BE worth it?

If you don't know, we should talk.

A professional bike fit from Oceanside Bike Fit improves ride performance and gives you confidence to buy. It's the best way to prevent mistakes that cost pain in your body, and in your wallet. 



We are passionate about our sport and what we do, and believe that a rider's fit is just as important as their bike's design.

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Types of fits

Oceanside Bike Fit works for all levels: professionals, elite triathletes and cyclists, recreational riders, as well as mountain bikers.

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Oceanside Bike Fit is committed to helping you pedal right

We believe every level of cyclist—not just the pros—from all disciplines should be able to enjoy the benefits of a professional bike fit. Each cyclist's body is a unique combination of height, build, flexibility, core strength, and other key components, so Pedal Right is dedicated to tailoring each fit to you as an individual.

If you want to:
eliminate pain,
increase performance, and
achieve your optimal aero position 
when you're putting in the miles, you'll be Fit to Ride!


find your perfect body position

Using a state-of-the-art "fit bike" in our custom studio, we'll determine the exact size and specs for you as a cyclist, so that your next bike purchase is right for you. You'll begin riding pain-free on your existing bike, and know what to look for while shopping for your next bike.

Innovate with TECHNOLOGY

Oceanside Bike Fit is proud to offer the most advanced fitting tools available, so the Retül Motion Capture System was an easy choice for us. Our Certified Retül Fitter is trained to get the most out of this system, to offer the most optimal fit possible.

key BENEFITS of the retül system

1. Dynamic Motion Capture
The Retül 3D Motion Capture Technology analyzes the rider in their real time pedal stroke, to give the most accurate measurements in a realistic riding scenario. This enables the fit expert to capture 100% objective data and evaluate the pedal stroke from multiple viewpoints. 

2. Pinpoint Data Accuracy
The data from the Retül system is accurate to under a millimeter, and allows the fitter to examine the rider's position from the most advantageous perspective. The exact biomechanics of each rider's pedal stroke are seen clearly and can quickly be analyzed to identify any need for position change.

3. Useful Build Metrics 
The Zin is a digital, wireless, sub-millimeter measuring tool, that saves all final bike geometry data, in each rider's personal fit profile. This "Geo" profile can be used to accurately rebuild the bike after travel, and can also be applied to existing or future bikes.

Deliver exceptional ROI

The first time on my bike after my fit was a completely different ride! I felt more powerful and consistent in my pedal stroke. I could definitely feel the quads more engaged than ever before and I can still feel it today.”
— Chuck N. - Oceanside, California


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