My beautiful wife Brenna and I on a ride in Colorado

My beautiful wife Brenna and I on a ride in Colorado

My name is James Koch, and I am the bike fitter at Oceanside Bike Fit. I am passionate about riding bikes... It doesn't matter what kind of bike, I love to see people pedaling and living a healthy lifestyle. From a young age the bicycle has represented freedom to me. Like most, my bike was my first form of transportation.

I started racing on the road when I was eleven, because that’s what my dad did... and whatever my dad did was cool! I raced as an elite mountain biker for many years and presently race as a Category 3 on the road. When I get a wild hair I will drop into the occasional Tri, to be reminded of the respect I have for triathletes.

My Cycling Timeline

I made the decision to head out to Boulder, Colorado, to become a certified Retül bike fitter. Following the Retül certification, I apprenticed under one of Retül's master fitters for eleven more months.


My passion is to make a difference in how you feel on your bike. My goal is to eliminate your pain, promote efficiency, and of course, take the FUN in cycling to the next level!