My fit was a huge success! After riding the Lilac/Camino loop counter-clockwise with OMG, I had no numbness in the undercarriage (hooray!!) and felt I had much more control over the bike. Before the fit I felt like I was hanging onto the bike since my arms were so far stretched, but being closer to the handle bars allowed for a much better sense of my center of gravity on the bike.

Thanks again for the great work!
— Eric Schwartz

The first time on my bike after my fit was a completely different ride! I felt more powerful and consistent in my pedal stroke. I could definitely feel the quads more engaged than ever before and I can still feel it today. Thanks again for everything James!
— Chuck Navarrete - Oceanside, California

Awesome treatment, James has the skills and knowledge to help you get your best bike fit and walks you thru every aspect of every adjustment made! Do not hesitate to contact him and enjoy the benefits of a professional bike fitter!
— Ricky Cruz - Ensenada, Mexico